The Notorious RPG

An Improvised Actual-Play Podcast


A slender and quippy gearhead. She is always fixing and selling Lefty’s gear or whatever he finds in the zone that may have value. Lefty needs to protect her.


The village idiot that lives in squalor. Corny feels Dingus is the only one lower than him on the totem pole, but in reality, this is not the case. Dingus is actually quite wise and is sometimes surprisingly prophetic, however the delivery and the presentation of his wisdom make it sound like crazy homeless person talk. It’s only later after people have had a chance to think about it where the realize how accurate his statements were. Corny needs to protect him.


A small, weak, pathetic mutant who seemingly cannot provide for herself, but is so helpless in her appearance that the other mutants can’t help but aid her, especially Pavlovena. Avian trades stories in exchange for this help. Pavlovena needs to protect her (and she hates every minute of it)

Spitfire Hurst

A chronicaller who values rules and structure and moderates the community of the ark too closely. Spitfire is much like the president of an asinine HOA. Lefty hates him.

Flash Dexter

A fixer who is cool, swave, tall, and handsome. There is seemingly no deal that he cannot make, and he puts Corny to shame in more ways than one. Corny hates him.


An enforcer who is toxic masculinity in corporeal form. Brent is all id and frontal lobe aggression. He values his pride (which he doesn’t have much of, but he really thinks he does). Pavlovena hates him.

Boss Aquifi

A prominent boss in the ark that maintains control over the water resource. Lead a team years ago involved in a project that lead to the creation of the Gut's water purification system. The Gearhead that was the clear mastermind behind the clever architecture of the device mysteriously died after it's creation, thus allowing Aquifi to call the shots when it comes to using the one and only filtration pump.

Grub Gal (Boss)

She controls the grub. The Elder first assigned her to control the grub stores years ago where she was responsible for rationing. She diligently tracked what went in and out of the store, and made sure there was a fair and equal distribution of food. However, since the Elder's decline in health, she has been using her power over the grub as a bargaining chip and to enhance her status. She doesn’t give food to those she doesn’t like, and gives plenty to those who do right by her.

Boss Barry

An eclectic boss with a scrappy frame. He's short, skinny, wears tails, a broken monocle, and a top hat; a tropey post-apocalyptic monopoly man that talks with a transatlantic accent. He’s a collector, and wants to collect large amounts of artifacts and hires abled bodied mutants to recover them. He's a good client for anyone wanting to make a big sale.


A jovial barkeep and friend in the dark apocalyptic world. Maintains the peace in his bar by booting the mutants that get too rowdy.

Jay Prez

Administrator of the Dawn Vault. Tracks what goes in and what goes out. He’s a fully grown mutant, but has a pubescent voice.

Benjamin Kowlis

Woman of a mysterious age out found at a movie theater out in the Zone. She’s friendly, but is somehow able to alter the moods of those around her. Usually offers sage advice that makes no sense.


Enforcer working for Boss Aquifi.

Churn Hurly

Gearhead specializing in chemistry (gunpowder, booze, gasoline, etc). One of the three refugees from a camp overtaken by the Hellriders. Offered to bring a working generator to the Gut in exchange for refuge.


Gearhead specializing in electrical wiring and tinkering (lights, switches, hardware, etc.). One of the three refugees from a camp overtaken by the Hellriders.


Gearhead specializing in programming/hacking, and gifted researcher of artifacts (protocols, software, AI, etc.). One of the three refugees from a camp overtaken by the Hellriders.


A friendly Zone Ghoul that sought help from the gang in desperation as his friend (Tad) was bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Very charismatic, and has since become a trusted ally.

Merry Gang of Zone Ghouls

Tad - Very gifted when it comes to healing others. Ironically, he nearly died from a gunshot wound, but has since become a trusted ally.

Chad - Known to lie about things the MGoZG owns or has found. Ex. helicopter, spaceship, submarine

Lad - Chimes in when needed.

Dad - Always has a sick pun up his sleave

Qui Quad - Wore Reptilia’s mangled face for an entire day.

Vlad - Offers words of wisdom and tries to keep the MGoZG from fighting internally

A-Rad - Has yet to do anything worth noting...

Spew Krunkknuckle

An enforcer that used to work for Boss Aquifi, but has now teamed up with the gang. He and Pavlovena have a history...