The Notorious RPG

An Improvised Actual-Play Podcast


A character’s role defines what a character is inherently good at and how they contribute in the ark.

Boss (Role)

Natural born leaders that seek to attain power and reputation over the dominion of the Ark. They lead and gain followers with their sharp wit, strategic commands, and promise of an easier life.

Chronicaller (Role)

A gifted storyteller and historical scribe that aims to make a record of everything that’s done and accomplished in the Ark. What they may lack in physical prowess, they make up for in expertly crafted dialogues that motivate and inspire.

Dog Handler (role)

Typically very agile, proud, and reclusive. They trust their pet dog over anyone else for it aids them in many ways from tracking down grub, to fighting enemies.

Enforcer (Role)

Typically tall, big and strong. They usually get their way through intimidation over reasoning. Enforcers are often seen as bouncers or the muscle behind an important person in the Ark.

Fixer (Role)

Whatever you want or need, a fixer can get it for you. They have a special talent for reading people and are always looking to make a deal with junk, scrap, and artifacts.

Gearhead (Role)

e science enthusiasts of the apocalypse. Natural born tinkerers and inventors that can turn any scrap into something to be used.

Stalker (Role)

The ranger of the apocalypse. They know the Zone and its dangers better than anyone else, and aren’t afraid to venture out into it and return with choice goods and artifacts.

Worker (Role)

They have the resilience of a brick wall and the strength of an ox. Projects in the Ark need muscle and need to get done, and they’re proud to do them, but only if the price is right.