The Notorious RPG

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Pavlovena is 6 and a half feet tall. She wears a weathered and worn dog trainer's burlap suit. All that's left of it is a tube top of burlap, and the pads for the arms and legs. On the unprotected center section, she wears found sticky adhesive things (stickers, stamps, etc). She wears a big hot padded burlap suit frequently. She also has a dog companion named Crisp.

Magie Sotos

Maggie K. Sotos

Pavlovena is played by Maggie K. Sotos. Maggie is a novice in the ways of table top role playing games, but is a seasoned improviser and playwright in the Twin Cities. She bicycles to work, even in the winter, but that is literally the only badass thing she does so please don't be intimidated. Maggie is an avid tea-drinker, and she enjoys the simple life of walking her dog, fishing, hiking, and cooking with her wife Marissa. She is a dyed in the wool book worm who reads anything that doesn't read her first.

Other projects you can find Maggie in are the Grand Old Puppet Party web series and on stage in any of the Twin Cities improv theaters.