The Notorious RPG

An Improvised Actual-Play Podcast

Corny Falco

Corny Falco has a lot of confidence but doesn't know how to express it in the right way. He wears an obvious toupe, and an ill fitting suit which makes him look very big, but he's actually very small.

Brandon Boat

Brandon Boat

Corny Falco is played by Brandon Boat. Brandon has been performing improv for over a decade and in the meantime has lived in South Korea, worked in affordable housing through AmeriCorps, and interned at the Center for Victims of Torture. He recently got married and has a French bulldog named Kimchi. He has been playing RPGs since high school, but has been in a bit of a dry spell, so he’s excited to get back into the swing of it. He also never apologizes for being from Iowa.

Brandon is a co-founder of The Theater of Public Policy, hosts the Theater of Public Policy Podcast, and regularly posts to his dog Kimchi’s instagram account.