The Notorious RPG

An Improvised Actual-Play Podcast

In the Zone, few artifacts from the old age have survived the apocalypse. Perhaps it's an working toaster, a dusty old guitar, or just a book that's survived this long. Whatever it is, the gang is always on the hunt for these things to strengthen themselves and their community.

Likewise, chronicallers are the historians of the apocalypse. They are always trying to put together the puzzle of how the apocalypse happened, what life was like before, and why things are they way they are today. They try to share a story of olden times whenever they can.

Send us emails at with artifacts or short stories about the zone, and there's a chance that they'll appear in a future episode! Also, if you share @TheRpgCast on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we may use your name as a character in a future episode!